HighCom offers a range of Security Consulting Services for various types of facilities, events, special projects, estates and at-risk individuals. HighCom is able to recommend and design tailor made security plans based on individualized assessments of the specific assets, operations, risks, desires, character and personality, which are unique to each client. By taking this extensive approach, and utilizing our expertise in the fields of security systems and protective services, HighCom can provide either verbal or written recommendations that can seamlessly merge with clients’ needs and desires – creating an important marriage between comfort and security.

Consulting services include:

  • Facility and event security assessments
  • Electronic security systems assessments
  • Security personnel assessments
  • Security policy and procedure writing

Our consultants focus on:

  • Asset identification
  • Threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Evaluation of existing security measures
  • Review of statistics and analysis of historical data
  • Application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Administering and evaluating exercises and drills