Welcome to HIGHCOM Security Services

HighCom Security Services is a comprehensive provider of specialized, elite security solutions, covering: protective services, security systems, security consulting and training.

HighCom delivers a wide range of tailor made dynamic and fluid protective programs that remain situational appropriate and within budget.

HighCom implements an extremely effective preventative approach, derived from years of research, experience, and a deep physical understanding of hostile planning. This results in proactive, intelligent and customer friendly solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

Over the last two decades, HighCom has been successfully providing its comprehensive range of security solutions to Fortune 500 corporations, government organizations, mid to small size businesses, private & public foundations and high net worth individuals.

Our Services Include

Facility & Event Security:

Uniquely tailored security programs, designed to address specific client needs in any environment and for any duration.

Executive Protection (EP):

Designing and implementing comprehensive, fully integrated and discrete EP programs, executed by highly skilled professionals.

Security Systems:

Design, installation, and maintenance of: alarm systems, security camera systems, access control and intercom systems, screening equipment (metal detectors, X-Ray machines), project management services, technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM).

Training Programs:

Hostile Activity Prevention, Executive Protection (EP), Surveillance Detection (SD), handgun, unarmed defensive tactics, defensive and evasive driving to name a few.

Security Consulting:

Risk assessments (large or small); design, implementation and ongoing assessment of security programs.