Founded in 1997 by former military and government security personnel, HighCom started out as a leading security provider in the field of terrorist activity prevention; adapting time tested protective strategies to fit the unique requirements of its San Francisco Bay Area clientele.


HighCom has since earned a reputation for providing a comprehensive range of superior security services, resulting in our significant growth. Over the last two decades, HighCom has widened its scope of services, utilizing its expertise and its unwavering can-do spirit to successfully provide a uniquely tailored and high-end security solutions to an ever expanding clientele, including: Silicon Valley corporations, energy companies, foundations, government organizations, hotels, high net worth individuals, community centers and nonprofit organizations.


HighCom implements an extremely effective preventative approach, derived from years of research, experience, and a deep physical understanding of hostile planning. This results in proactive, intelligent and customer friendly solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any environment.


HighCom’s management team is comprised of highly trained and knowledgeable Israeli and American ex-military and law enforcement personnel, with significant operational experience in the security industry. This combined with the team’s wide-range of business, corporate, executive experience, and a highly motivated and creative attitude, ensures that clients receive business-driven solutions to meet their unique security challenges.