CCTV / Camera Surveillance

At HighCom, we have a deep knowledge of the variety of surveillance systems that are on the market, which gives us the expertise to help you determine what will best suit your situation and your budget.


When we evaluate your property, we do a thorough and careful on-site review, identifying weaknesses and determining your needs. Once we fully understand your circumstances, we will offer you the appropriate solution—from small installations of two or three cameras to extensive commercial installations of sixty or more cameras.


The surveillance systems we install are carefully vetted for quality, reliability and tailored to the user’s needs. Our consultants guide you through the process in order to optimize the system for your situation, and we utilize the latest CCTV technologies including both IP based systems and analog systems.


We use only top-quality equipment, at a variety of price points. Our product range includes: Sony, Pelco, Bosch, Digital Watchdog, Exacq Vision, NVT and more. We are one of the few certified installers in the Bay Area for Exacq Vision and Digital Watchdog systems.


At HighCom, we also understand that a surveillance system is only as good as its weakest component – that’s why we pay careful attention to every detail. We work with professional grade equipment, suited to your needs. We ensure all wires are protected, all screws are tamper-proof and all systems are vandal-proof.


Additionally, all of our installers are fully certified for the wide range of equipment we offer. We employ only courteous, respectful, professional technicians. At HighCom, we know our job is not just installing a system, our mission is to bring you peace of mind by enhancing the safety of your home, family and/or business.


What systems would best suit your needs?

Products include:

  • Digital recording and IP network surveillance systems, including wireless transmission.
  • Wide range of equipment including fixed, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) and Megapixel IP cameras.
  • Advanced systems that can be integrated into a larger system and enable to automation of various components such as turning on and off lights, operating window shades, and emergency water shut off valves.
  • Installation of new systems, or upgrade and improvements of current systems.
Internet Protocol (IP)-based systems vs. Analog Systems
-For more information about the benefits of an IP-based over an analogue system, click here.


Here’s a video that demonstrates the increased capabilities of digital cameras.


Access Control and Intercom Systems

Your home is your castle, but it probably doesn’t have a moat or a portcullis. At HighCom, we provide the modern day equivalent: biometric systems, access and key cards, intercom systems—the latest technology to protect access to your home or business.


As with all our services, we work with you to find the best solutions to fit your situation. We can install systems that work with certain key cards at certain times, offering flexible control over who enters your property and when. We can install stand-alone or multiple-door entry systems, and include intercom systems that have audio and video capabilities.


We harden your perimeter, making it more difficult for anyone unwanted to get in, while providing welcoming access for your family, staff, customers and community.



  • Touchpad entry
  • Advanced control unit with battery backup
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Audio and video intercom systems
  • Glass break detectors
  • Plus many more

Integrated Systems

The widespread use of Internet Protocol (IP) communications and shared infrastructure allows for the integration of surveillance, access control, and intercom with other networked systems.

Our services include:

  • Installation of surveillance and access control systems
  • Upgrades and maintenance of existing systems