HighCom offers a wide range of event services for your next public or private function. We offer the highest level of security solutions including a Security Consultation, Security Personnel and X-Ray or Metal screening equipment. Our experienced Security Personnel have secured events for a wide variety of clients and have experience in providing services for fortune 100 companies and foreign government organizations.

We offer security for:

  • Diplomatic functions, including visits by government and other prominent individuals
  • Small and large scale production events
  • Movie premieres, book signings and concerts
  • Shareholder meetings, conferences and trade shows

Available Event Security services:


  • Our security team will assess the risks that may be faced at your event and provide you with a tailored Event Security Plan with the appropriate balance of procedures, personnel and equipment to meet your needs and your budget.

Security Personnel

  • We provide a wide range of personnel, from corporate level officers including executive protection agents, to traditional uniform security to secure your event. All personnel are trained to provide exemplary customer service and protect the integrity of the event by controlling access, protecting attendees and staff and securing vital equipment and product.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Screening Machines

  • For events that require a higher level of security, we can provide you with walkthrough metal detector equipment, X-ray screening machines, and experienced screening staff to operate the equipment in a discreet, non-invasive and highly effective manner.