HighCom offers highly trained executive protection agents, corporate level officers as well as uniformed security to protect facilities and personnel. Each officer completes a specialized training program with particular emphasis on proactive strategies that enhance the client’s complete security solution creating a greater level of deterrence, not just the traditional “observe and report” mindset that is so common within the industry.


Superior Personnel

  • HighCom employs the highest quality personnel with exceptional military, law enforcement and extensive security backgrounds. Each member of our security team is rigorously screened and hand-picked for his or her unique experience and matched to fit the specific culture of each assignment.


Unmatched Management Support and Customer Service

  • Our management support system ensures that you’ll receive levels of attention and response far above what our competition offers. HighCom clients benefit from multiple levels of supervision including mobile field supervisors, site managers and headquarters support. Like our security services, our management style is proactive, with supervisors and managers continually testing and evaluating the knowledge, customer service skills and vigilance of our officers. We are focused on quality assurance, with an on-duty manager or supervisor responsible for operations 24 hours a day.


Managing In-House Security Operations

  • For clients with proprietary security staff, we can provide management and training to officers on a contract basis. Disciplined and experienced HighCom managers and supervisors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an existing program and become a natural and cost effective extension of a client’s workforce.