HighCom provides specialized training to security professionals, facility personnel and educational institutions. Each course is dynamic and based on the latest methodologies used in the specific field.

Our courses include:

Executive Protection

The Executive Protection Training Program consists of five separate modules encompassing the essential knowledge a protective agent needs to fulfill their duties either as a independent operator or as part of a protective team.

  • Executive Protection Fundamentals
  • Advanced Emergency First Aid
  • Security Vehicle Operations
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  •  Surveillance Detection
  • Empty Hands Defensive Techniques
  •  Handgun Skill Development

All of these classes can be completed to attain the Executive Protection Diploma, or as standalone classes to enhance the skill set of any security professional.


Firearms Training

HighCom offers training in the use of handguns from basic through advanced operations focused on the defense of yourself and others with:

  • Basic Handgun
  • Intermediate Handgun Skills
  • Advanced Handgun Manipulations

Trainees receive detailed instruction in a friendly and productive environment that enhances rapid development of a solid skill set. Anyone who carries a handgun as part of their employment, owns a handgun for self protection or is interested in recreational shooting will benefit greatly from this course of instruction.


Terrorist Activity Prevention (TAP)

Based on Israeli military experience, this program delves into the planning stages of terrorist attacks and explains how much of the guesswork can be taken out of terrorist activity prevention. During the program, actual case studies will be dissected to show the vulnerabilities of terrorism. Trainees will then learn a range of simple and effective steps that can disrupt an attack’s planning stages in order to prevent it.

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Security Awareness

We provide custom security awareness programs for employees, security personnel, house staff and educators. We will construct a custom training program based on client concerns or based on our Security Assessment of your current training programs.

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Evasive Vehicle Operations

Many drivers on the road today would not know what it is like to have to perform emergency braking from speeds of above 45 mph, or how to suddenly maneuver in order to avoid a pedestrian or other vehicle. Evasive Vehicle Operations will provide instruction that covers emergency vehicle operations such as emergency braking at speed, obstacle avoidance and lower speed manipulations that cover handling vehicles in tight spaces, reverse slaloms and more. Trainees will gain a greater level of confidence in their performance at a time when it may count the most. This is a two day course of training compiled of mostly practical instruction and execution.

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Surveillance Detection (SD)

This course teaches trainees how to think and function like surveillance operatives. Trainees will learn to better understand surveillance vulnerabilities and indicators, which are necessary for the detection of surveillance. The course will examine surveillance and surveillance detection planning before giving trainees dynamic, high-paced, and challenging field exercises in order to deliver the physical experience of surveillance detection.