Hostile Activity Prevention is a 4 hour lecture session, with a possible supplementary field training component, that is designed to heighten the awareness of trainees, and show how to prevent attacks by employing a number of relatively simple, time tested steps.

Based on decades of Israeli experience, this program takes much of the guesswork out of preventive security by delving deep into the planning stages of an attack, and exposing vulnerabilities that can be used to disrupt it. Trainees will then learn practical, effective and time-tested techniques that can disrupt hostile planning – thereby preventing an attack.

  • 4 hour lecture: (unlimited number of attendees).
  • 4 hour supplementary field training: (up to 10 trainees).

Surveillance Detection

This program is designed for security professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in the fields of preventive security, covert protection and surveillance detection. Trainees will learn and experience surveillance activities, before learning and experiencing how such activities can be detected. This is a dynamic, high-intensity program which is structured around challenging field exercises; emphasizing the physical experience of surveillance detection.

SD Fundamentals

An intensive two day course that provides trainees with an understanding of, and basic field experience in, surveillance and surveillance detection. The course contains some classroom instruction, but mostly centers on challenging, scenario-based field exercises, where trainees will work on detecting covert surveillance role-players.

  • 2 day course: SD for facilities and campuses.
  • 2 day course: SD for executive protection.

SD Operator

A five day program that is intended to enhance the detection capabilities of professional security teams and individuals. Trainees will learn and experience how to conduct surveillance operations, and will then learn how to detect various types of surveillance.

This forty hour course contains some classroom instruction but is mostly comprised of dynamic field exercises in various challenging environments. This is a high level, high intensity course that is designed to give trainees realistic scenario-based field experiences, with multiple surveillance role-players which the trainees need to detect.

  • 5 day course: Covers both SD for facilities & campuses and SD for Executive Protection.

Supplementary SD Training

A full day of SD field training, consisting of scenario-based, role-player filled exercises that are designed to elevate trainees’ field-craft. A prerequisite for this training is the completion of either the SD Fundamentals course or the SD Operator course.

  • 1 day SD Fundamentals Supplementary Training: (facilities & campuses or Executive Protection).
  • 1 day SD Operator Supplementary Training: (facilities & campuses or Executive Protection).



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