We offer highly-trained security officers to secure and protect your facilities and site with a focus on anti-terror strategies and tactics specifically targeted at high risk environments. The concept of a scalable level of security is a fundamental feature of our operations. As threat levels rise and fall, resources vary, and we adjust our operations to maintain the proper balance between potential risks and available resources.

Focus on Anti-Terrorism

Each officer must pass a rigorous training program, with a special emphasis on detecting hostile surveillance and protecting a facility against a potential attack. Once solely the domain of the military, HighCom delivers this valuable counter terrorism training to all of its officers.

Superior Personnel

Our people are our most important asset. We employ the highest quality personnel, who have exceptional military and law enforcement backgrounds. Each member of our security team is rigorously screened and hand-picked for his or her unique skills and experience. And we always assign the best-suited officers to operate in each client’s unique environment.

Unmatched Management Support and Customer Service

Our extensive management support system ensures that you’ll receive the very highest level of attention and response. Most clients benefit from multiple levels of supervision at each site as well as roaming and headquarters support. Our management is proactive, with supervisors continually testing and evaluating the alertness and vigilance of our officers. Our primary focus is on quality assurance, and our security team supervisors can be reached 24 hours a day. Click here to read what clients say about our services.

Managing In-House Security Operations

For clients with an in-house security staff, we can provide management and training to officers on a contract basis. Disciplined, experienced and proactive HighCom supervisors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an existing program and become a natural and cost effective extension of a client’s workforce.

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