We provide protection to corporate, private and government sector clients.

Protective Agents & Advisors HighCom agents are discreet, detail oriented professionals who reflect our commitment to service excellence through unparalleled customer service, mission focus, and use of the latest protective techniques. HighCom agents and advisors continually gauge the environment, fluctuation of risk, and client comfort in order to provide unobtrusive and effective protection services. HighCom agents and advisors are available for both short and long term assignments, domestically and internationally. Assessments & Surveys Detailed assessments of residences, workplaces, movements and travel enable the creation of practical protection programs; encompassing integrated security systems, products, procedures, and protective agents to reduce risk. Our protection plans are specifically designed to address assessed risks and vulnerabilities, optimize budgets, and provide workable solutions. Transportation & Executive Services Secure ground transportation is available to keep transitions smooth and clients on schedule with executive vehicles. Our network also has the ability to facilitate seamless social, entertainment, and business experiences with exacting levels of service and bill payment options, removing the organizational burden from your team, and payment hassle from your V.I.P. Training Services HighCom provides world class Executive Protection and Surveillance Detection training to professional protective details and individuals from around the nation. Awareness and response training is available for facility employees, and household staff members of V.I .P.’s to enhance the overall protective effort and effectiveness.

HighCom Executive Protection Services:

  • Executive & Close Protection
  • Covert Executive Protection
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Advance Surveys
  • Threat Assessments
  • Residential & Workplace Surveys
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Special Event Services
  • Protective Program Development

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