We provide a wide range of security consulting services with a focus on anti-terror analysis and threat assessment.

Our expert consultants analyze your specific needs and recommend the people, technology, equipment and procedures required to satisfy both your security goals and your budget.

A comprehensive report is provided detailing the steps of the assessment process:

  • Analysis of the assets to be protected, including facilities, people, equipment and more
  • Assessment of the risk level and nature of potential threats to assets
  • Determination of the methods of operations – understanding the operational environment and creating a profile of the potential perpetrators and their methods
  • Evaluation of existing security measures and vulnerabilities
  • Recommendation of security solutions
  • Prioritization of recommendations to address budget constraints, changing threat levels and future growth

Dynamic and Creative Solutions

Security solutions can range from simple, easy to implement security procedures to more extensive programs utilizing highly trained personnel and sophisticated technology and equipment. Recommendations are dynamic, creative and scalable, to grow with your business and adapt quickly to changes in threat levels and resources.
Our experienced consultants will design a detailed security plan at any phase of construction and operation of your facility, including:

  • Pre-construction – security measures that are designed-in during project planning can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of later upgrades
  • Existing facilities and structures – we work with building engineers and security directors to ensure that recommended modifications are properly integrated into the facility

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