The Hostile Planning Process

The hostile planning process is the logical series of phases and steps that take place while planning a hostile attack. The steps that are going to be detailed in this article do not come out of strictly theoretical research, but rather from the study of actual case studies, including interviews with captured members of...

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Terrorism – Tools And Goals

Of the various misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding terrorism, a surprisingly common one is the lack of understanding about the political motivations behind terrorism. This might sound surprising because, as many of you know, the political aim actually appears in the dictionary definition of terrorism. And yet, the misunderstanding persists.

Perhaps one...

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The Logical Criminality Of Terrorism

Though the subject of terrorism is quite large, for the purposes of physical prevention, there are relatively few aspects that have actual and practical implications for the security professional (as opposed to strictly theoretical ones). Two such aspects are hereby detailed:

Terrorism is a type of criminal activity Rather than being in a unique category on...

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Proactive Decision Making

Prevention is a chosen action; reaction is a forced one. As had been mentioned in a previous article, we humans are hardwired to look for, and react to, actions. This is not a bad thing in itself – it might just save your life someday. But if we want to dig a bit...
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