The Outer Circle – Disrupting and Mitigating Hostile Surveillance

When considering the various strategies that can be employed against hostile surveillance, one of the most important distinctions to be made, right off the bat, is whether the strategy requires highly trained, covert operatives for its execution, or whether it can be performed by more conventional, overt security officers.

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Strategies Against Hostile Surveillance

As we begin to consider the various strategies we can employ against hostile surveillance, it is important to remember that not unlike any other subject of social science - regarding the decisions and actions of human beings - there are many ways to tackle this issue. Surveillance, as I have Read more

A Very Brief Introduction To Hostile Surveillance

In the shadowy and oftentimes misunderstood field of criminal activity and terrorism, hostile surveillance is one of the least understood factors. The goal of this article is to very briefly explain a few factors about hostile surveillance, as we search for ways in which conventional security personnel can mitigate its effects. Read more

Tackling The Hostile Planning Process

After going over the hostile planning process and reviewing a number of case studies, our next goal is to figure out the vulnerabilities of this process and figure out who can tackle which vulnerability. (more…)

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