HighCom offers an extensive range of Security Consulting Services specializing in executive and family protection, special events, crime prevention, and emergency procedures. Our consultants can design a detailed security plan based on methodical assessments of your specific operations and facilities. We will work with you, your architects, facility managers, security directors and staff to ensure that all recommended modifications are correctly integrated into your construction or daily operations.


Our highly-experienced consultants offer tailored security solutions, including:

  • Comprehensive security surveys and assessments
  • Security procedures and training manuals
  • Security equipment recommendations
  • Security personnel deployment


Our consultants focus on:

  • Asset identification
  • Threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Evaluation of current security practices
  • Review of statistics and analysis of historical data
  • Application of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Administrating and evaluating tabletops, role playing drills and exercises