A Very Brief Introduction To Hostile Surveillance

In the shadowy and oftentimes misunderstood field of criminal activity and terrorism, hostile surveillance is one of the least understood factors. The goal of this article is to very briefly explain a few factors about hostile surveillance, as we search for ways in which conventional security personnel can mitigate its effects. Read more

Tackling The Hostile Planning Process

After going over the hostile planning process and reviewing a number of case studies, our next goal is to figure out the vulnerabilities of this process and figure out who can tackle which vulnerability. (more…)

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Terrorism Case Studies

Once a general grasp of the terrorist hostile planning process is attained, the important role of case studies is to take this subject out of mere theoretics and show how the planning process was actually, physically, conducted in real life. The classic type of terrorist case study seminar or article has, for obvious...

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The Hostile Planning Process

The hostile planning process is the logical series of phases and steps that take place while planning a hostile attack. The steps that are going to be detailed in this article do not come out of strictly theoretical research, but rather from the study of actual case studies, including interviews with captured members of...

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